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Written by  Julie Graham

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Children are the future guardians of our beautiful planet, and will one day be entrusted with preserving and protecting the world’s wilderness and wildlife. It is through modeling the right behavior, equipping them with the right skills, and providing them with opportunities to see the importance of sustainability for themselves, that will give them the motivation needed to act as responsible travelers on their African safari. There are few opportunities that offer such a rich insight into the world, its breathtaking charm, and its inhabitants than eco safaris in Africa.

Africa is a continent of wild, exotic locations, diverse cultures, epic wildlife and action-packed experiences. It is a thrilling, stimulating destination with a varied offering of languages and landscapes. It is an educational playground, and the ideal place to visit to emphasize the importance of sustainable living. On a safari in Africa, tomorrow’s leaders will have a unique opportunity to be fully immersed in their surroundings, void of technological distractions, and will be able to see firsthand how our actions impact the environment and, most importantly, what they can do to minimize this impact.

Here are a few reasons why Africa is our destination of choice for an eco safari experience that will leave a lasting impact on the young minds of tomorrow, without leaving a lasting carbon footprint behind.

The Greatest Teacher

Child alongside expert conservationist - rhino conservation safaris are excellent eco safaris for kids.
Child alongside expert conservationist

The African continent really is just one huge outdoor classroom with engaging things to learn around every corner. More importantly, it is where our greatest primal teacher, Mother Nature, exists in abundance – in every grain of sand, every wild roar, and every leaf on every tree. She serves to teach us that we’re all intricately connected and provides the perfect platform for children (and adults) to witness the importance of living in harmony and balance with the natural world. Grand Africa Safaris thoroughly researches and explores world-class lodges in Africa that offer fun, educational experiences for your client’s children such as Junior Ranger Programmes that teach kids how to identify different animals, birds, plant species and other bushveld wonders. It steers them forward in gaining a better understanding of conservation and the preservation of the ecosystem and to become champions of sustainable living.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural safaris for kids at Lemala Ewanjan, Tanzania

A safari in Africa will not only instill a deep appreciation for the natural world in children, it will also expose them to a wide range of cultures – teaching them about people of different races, religions and customs. For a true eco safari in Africa, it is integral to understand what impact you will have on the local communities that have lived on that land for centuries. Grand Africa Safaris offers your client’s children the unique opportunity to interact with local communities, and encourages them to get involved in all kinds of initiatives such as gardening projects and visiting local schools. Through these interactions, particularly with children of similar ages, they serve to gain an indelible appreciation of the richness of culture. Children are also able to realize the importance of connection and ensuring it is nurtured through philanthropic efforts in the future, all while learning about the significance of supporting a greener, more sustainable approach to living that benefits those from all walks of life.

Eco-friendly Inspiration

Tented safari camps, Tanzania

At Grand Africa Safaris, we carefully select eco-sensitive lodges for your clients that have a limited impact on their direct environment and have actively implemented energy and water saving systems on the properties to recycle their waste. An eco safari is not complete without gaining inspiration from the surrounding environment – whether the bountiful natural world, communities and wildlife that inhabit it, or the immediate temporary living space. Children staying at any one of Grand Africa Safaris preferred lodges on safari will be able to gain enthusiasm from sustainable practices like solar power, gray water recycling, organic vegetable gardens, and naturally sourced resources from sustainable supplies used for construction and other amenities. Guides and rangers at these lodges take immense pride in educating children and adults alike about their sustainable practices for them to take home and implement in their own lives.

Why take your children on a sustainable safari?

The wilderness affords a never ending learning opportunity - one of the reasons to embark on eco safaris for kids.
The wilderness afford a never ending learning opportunity

Traveling to Africa on safari together not only affords families the unique opportunity to bond without the stresses, distractions and worries of home. It offers them a time to learn, reflect and rejoice in their surroundings, all the while learning about the gravity of connection and working together to sustain our magnificent planet. Grand Africa Safaris strongly believes in passing on knowledge to younger generations and providing them with a platform to gain a greater understanding of conservation, communities and ecosystems through exciting interactive activities.

Get in touch with one of our travel experts at Grand Africa Safaris today and plan an eco safari in Africa for your client that will leave a lasting, positive impact on the world.