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Ruth Wood

The Charted Path

“Grand Africa Safaris is an absolute pleasure to work with, largely due to the exceptional team they have.  When it comes to crafting proposals, they excel in providing clients with stunning and comprehensive documents that ignite excitement, packed with information and useful links to help them fully grasp and envision the trip of their dreams.

Additionally, they go above and beyond by readily jumping on the phone with clients to address any further questions, showcasing their commitment to being genuine partners in every sense of the word. 

Together, we form a cohesive team dedicated to creating truly magical and unforgettable experiences for our clients.”

Laura Krugly

Well Traveled Texan

“You simply knocked it out of the park again for my clients Lori, Joe and the kids. 

I put together a recap today that explained the entire trip and just what magic you guys do to educate our entire team and keep the Africa excitement up and you all top of mind.

Thank you again so much. I can’t do this without you.”

Irene Lorenzon

Luxe Travel

“Your documentation was so clear and helpful before we even left the U.S. First of all, what a pleasure to have someone waiting for us at Johannesburg airport and getting us through passport control and right to our transfer to the beautiful The Residence in Johannesburg. All of our transfers and help at the airports were perfection. I think I am spoiled forever!

The Rangers and Trackers found all the Big Five for us. They were so knowledgeable and friendly and informative. We were particularly impressed with our Ranger and Tracker at Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp. We not only got to see all the animals, but it was just so much fun with them. I seriously cannot recommend one thing or change one thing about my Grand Africa Safaris trip.

Oh, and &Beyond exceeded my very high expectations. That resort on the most beautiful island I have ever seen, did not disappoint. The ride over in the helicopter was breathtaking. The food and service impeccable! I was so lucky to ride a horse in the water, have a private picnic on a little island and snorkel at one of the live reefs left in the world.”

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